Book of worship

The Annual Lectionary from the 1950 Book of Worship


Advent 1
Advent 2
Advent 3
Advent 4
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Christmas 1
Eighth Day After
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4
Christmas 5
Christmas 6
Christmas 7
Transfiguration -2
Transfiguration -1
Lent 4
Lent 6
Lent 6
Holy Week 1
Holy Week 2
Holy Week 3
Holy Week 4
Holy Week 5
Holy Week 6
Easter 1
Easter 2
Easter 3
Easter 4
Ascention -1
Pentecost 1
Pentecost 2
Pentecost 3
Pentecost 4
Pentecost 5
Holy City -1
June 19
Holy City
Holy City 1
Holy City 2
Holy City 3
Holy City 4
Holy City 5
Holy City 6
Holy City 7
Holy City 8
Holy City 9
Holy City 10
Pentecost 11
Holy City 12
Holy City 13
Holy City 14
Holy City 15
Holy City 16
Holy City 17
Holy City 18
Holy City 19
All Saints Day
Holy City 20
Holy City 21
Holy City 22
Advent -1

The Promised Redeemer
The Forerunner
The Annunciation
The Word Made Flesh
Emmanuel, God With US
The Humble Birth
The Virgin Birth
The Name of Jesus
A light to the Gentiles
The Visit to the Temple
The Baptism
The Temptation
The Beginning of the Ministry
The Call of the Disciples
The Visit of Nicodemus
At Jacob’s Well
Peter’s Confession
The Divine Human Made Manifest
The Cross
The Lord's Kingship
Cleansing the Temple
Teaching in the Temple
The Judgement of the World
The Last Supper
The Crucifixion
The Watch at the Sepulcher
The Resurrection
The Risen Lord
faith restored
love made supreme
the great commission
Oneness with the father
The Glorified Christ
The Spirit of Truth
the unity of the church
the ministry of teaching
the ministry of healing
The Second Coming Foretold
the New Evangel
The New Jerusalem
The Blessing
Responsibility of Discipleship
The spirit of Reconciliation
Purity of Life
integrity of speech
the Breadth of Christian love
Almsgiving and fasting
singleness of heart
perfect trust.
The measure of judgement
the Golden rule
the fruitful life
the foundation of life
the worth of the kingdom
the universality of the kingdom
the growth of the kingdom
individual responsibility in the kingdom
stewardship in the kingdom
the communion of Saints
Requirements of the kingdom
The good Shepherd
The two Great Commandments
The Life of Religion

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