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Swedenborg Chapel Lectures and Talks is a podcast that covers a variety of lectures from Swedenborg Chapel and other Swedenborgian Centers. The lectures can be about life, history, psychology, and more! The podcast centers around the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and their influence.

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Homeopathy: A Case Study in Perception, Expectation, and the Placebo Effect(download)

By: John Haller, Ph.D.

April 17, 2012

The talk recounts the history of one of medicine’s more controversial alternative healing systems, tracing its lineage from Europe to America and the efforts to understand its rationale. He explains how American homeopaths gave it a peculiarly Swedenborgian interpretation, moving it a direction significantly at odds with how it was defined elsewhere in the world. In his analysis, Haller suggests that homeopathy, like other vitalistic medical systems, belongs to a category of paranormal healing therapies that is dependent upon the placebo whose effects on illness and disease remain a subject of intensive debate.

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