2011 Sermon Audio

Epiphany as a Prologue: Keeping Christmas

Lars Wiberg 30 Dec 2012

In modern times it seems as if Christmas lasts but a day; however, this is not the case. Christmas is more than one day, it is a whole collection of days (12). If we move two quickly through Christmas, we shut our awarness of the Lord's advent out of our thought, and in turn out of our lives.

12:19 minutes

Herod and the Wise-men: Issues of control over the promised land

Kevin K. Baxter 26 Dec 2011

The birth of our Lord brings issues of power and control to Herod. When the wise men visit, Herod hopes to use these visitors to eliminate that fear. This story holds a deep truth about our self governing as well. When the Lord is born in our hearts, we must be cautious of the selfishness that threatens it. A re-broadcast from a few years ago.

15:33 minutes

Making a Home for the Lord: Looking to God is worth more than being right.

Kevin K. Baxter 18 Dec 2011

Rather than fighting over issues of doctrine, we need to understand that the main purpose of faith is to open our mind to a deeper understanding of our faith. If we judge other's faith and life, we are missing the point. A home for the Lord is all He asks.

18:39 minutes

The Christmas Spirit: The infant Christ Everywhere

Kevin K. Baxter 11 Dec 2011

Most people look at commercialism as the downfall of Christmas, but what if it is not? The Christmas spirit is alive in presents, lights, trees, and hats. These things are all doorways to a deeper life of faith with the Lord if we nurture them.

21:09 minutes

The Retreat of Elijah: Getting to the Heart of Faith

Kevin K. Baxter 07 Dec 2011

We all need to retreat from time to time. Even people of the greatest faith need time to retreat from the conflicts of life and faith. In retreating and returning, we are able to reconnect with the core of our faith and stoke the the fires of passion that lead us in our faith lives. If we do not take the time to reconnect with the simple truths of our faith, we run the risk of perverting the Lord's truth.

18:23 minutes

Refiner of Silver: Finding the precious metal of spiritual growth.

Kevin K. Baxter 27 Nov 2011

Like silver, our lives need refining. Life is not a series of random accidents that help us get where we are. We are charged by the Lord to work on life and faith, which in turns makes us happier and more fulfilled. This sermon from the past was preached by Rev. Kevin Baxter on the December 5th, 2012.

13:28 minutes

Thanks Giving: Creating a spiritual foundation for discipleship.

Kevin K. Baxter 20 Nov 2011

Exploring a passage in Mt. where Jesus tells the disciples that when they help the least of his family they are helping him. This text is about more than certain kind actions, it is also holds a key to spiritual growth and development that will transform

18:58 minutes

Spiritual Profit: How do we invest our talents.

Kevin K. Baxter 13 Nov 2011

We often hear in scripture that the Lord calls for the wealthy to give to the poor. In the Gospel of Matthew, the Lord talks about how those who have some will have an abundance, where as those who have nothing more will be taken from them. This sermon points how a deeper meaning lies just under the surface, a deeper meaning on how exactly we can get through life's darker times.

18:14 minutes

The Inner Goodness of Love: Simple Truths that Transform Lives

Kevin K. Baxter 16 Oct 2011

This sermon is about the passage from Exodus where Moses asks to see God. Even just a glimpse of the backside of God walking by transforms his face forever.

18:56 minutes

Death of the Livestock: Losing the things we love.

Kevin K. Baxter0 4 Apr 2011

The fourth sermon in The fourth sermon in our Lenten series of the Plagues. These stories are not just events depicted in the scriptures, they are a map for a profound spiritual change. Unfortunately, these changes can take us through difficult and dark times. But, if we can understand these moments as opportunities for growth and change, we can navigate dark times better. our Lenten series of the Plagues. These stories are not just events depicted in the scriptures, they are a map for a profound spiritual change.

16:30 minutes

Frogs: Hopping between lies.

Kevin K. Baxter 27 Mar 2011

This episode covers the way we use our falsity and rationalizations as a basis for action. This way of living slowly moves us toward a deep spiritual saddness where our heart longs for something better.

16:10 minutes

Water Turns to Blood: The loss of the truths we value.

Kevin K. Baxter 20 Mar 2011

In this podcast, we explore Moses's miraculous act of turning water into blood. The nile was more than simply a river, it is a life line for all goods and services of the day. To loose it as a resource is significant. However, this story is not just about the nile; rather, it is the story of the Lord's truth and love flowing into a person, and how we have the ability to look to God or look the things of this world... Listen to find out more.

17:48 minutes

The Call of Moses: The Lord calls us into a new life.

Kevin K. Baxter 13 Mar 2011

This is the beginning of a Lenten sermon series on several of the plagues. They are more than just a Biblical story, they are a key to understanding our sadness and the transformative power of the Lord.

17:29 minutes

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