2012 Sermon Audio

Not Losing Our Guard: Keeping Balance at Christmas

Kevin K. Baxter 02 Dec 2012

Advent is a season where people experience highs and lows of all different kinds. Focusing on either polarity (joy or darkness) can limit us from our fullest human experience. The Lord calls us to be on guard at this time of year, as we do not miss the Lord’s call. (16:46 minutes)

The Divine Purpose: The End and the Beginning

Kevin K. Baxter 25 Nov 2012

Ends and beginnings are a time for us to shift our understanding by altering our perspectives. As we end the Christian year, we can remind ourselves of the intent and purpose of creation is the Lord’s love. If we can keep this picture of love in our heart as we start the new Christian liturgical year, we can make shifts and grow as people. (18:29 minutes)

The Gift of Prophecy: Read by: Lars Wiberg

Wilfred G. Rice 18 Nov 2012

This classic sermon (Nov. 15, 1981), by the late Willifred G. Rice e3 read Mr. Lars Erik Wiberg , covers a variety of prophecies from Leonardo da Vinci, through Nostradamus, and ultimately to Biblical prophets. It challenges our understanding of what it means to know and how our insight may be connected to the Divine through our creation. (09:19 minutes)

The Rainbow: The Radience of Joy

Kevin K. Baxter 04 Nov 2012

The story of Noah's Ark ends with the powerful image of a rainbow. This is often viewed simply a children's story or a reminder of God's love, but it is more than that. On a deeper level, the rainbow is a reminder of the joy we can expereince when we act from love. (14:04 minutes)

End of The Flood: Releasing the Animals.

Kevin K. Baxter 28 Oct 2012

The flood story is more than a cute tale we can share with kids, it is metaphorically a tale about a transformation of the human soul. This is part 2 of a three part series on the power and importance of the story of Noah as a transformational figure. This sermon focuses on a shift from in what governs us from perception of the will to a conscience that works with our understanding. (16:42 minutes)

Noah's Ark: Protecting the Deep Truths

Kevin K. Baxter 21 Oct 2012

Noah's Ark (1/3): This is the first in a series on Noah's ark. It is more than a simple story about animals and boats, it is a story about the way in which the Lord protects the deep goodness of our soul. This goodness allows us to learn and grow. (16:31 minutes)

Adam & Eve : Losing and Regaining Innocence

Kevin K. Baxter 14 Oct 2012

Adam and Eve are often accused of being the genesis of sin, but what if there story has implications for our life now? The loss of innocence is something we all experience, but understanding this story helps us regain innocence. This innocence is not about being niece, but rather it is a life where we live as God created us to live. (23:21 minutes)

Point of Purchase: The Unexpected Lessons

Kevin K. Baxter 07 Oct 2012

What does it mean that in the Seven Days of Creation God sees that the world is good, and yet we have evil? What does this mean about God’s perfection and goodness? The sermon explores the concept of rest, peace, and creation. Quite simply, creation is no something that has happened, it is something that is continually occurring. Sometimes its the point of purchase items that are the most important than the other things on your list. (18:42 minutes)

The Days of Creation and Our Decisions: Making Good Choices

Kevin K. Baxter 23 Sep 2012

The seven days of creation are used by some to understand where the world comes from. But, for others it is just a story that does not apply to any historical fact. What if the story isn't about history at all, but rather is a window into our soul and a window into decision making. (18:54 minutes)

Reveal: Keeping the Commandments

Kevin K. Baxter 16 Sep 2012

The Lord tells us that if we keep his commandments he will reveal himself to you. This, however, is not a a reward for simply joining a group of people. It is the result of truly engaging with the Lord’s Word and his commandments. (17:31 minutes)

Little Crumbs : The Tiny Truths of Our Life

Kevin K. Baxter 09 Sep 2012

People often feel as if they have know what is best for them, but the world is a big place and we cannot know all there is to know. If we do not look to the things around us we might miss what it is we are truly called to be. (19:34 minutes)

Washing The Robes: How Living the Commandments Transforms

Kevin K. Baxter 24 Jun 2012

The promise of the New Jerusalem is of a transformed life where love and truth are the core of our existence. We are told that those wash their robes in the blood of Christ have permission to enter. This entrance requirement is a critical aspect of a life of faith, but what does it mean? This sermon explores this deeply metaphorical verse and seeks to answer this question. (18:12 minutes)

Prayer: How to truly open ourselves to its transformative power.

Kevin K. Baxter 19 Aug 2012

Prayer is one of the most crucial elements of a life of faith, but it is also one of the places where we often act before thinking. What is prayer? What does it effect? Does God need or prayers? Prayer holds keys to our transformation, but we have to make sure we are truly opening ourselves up to the Lord if it is going to be effective. 20:20 minutes

A Hidden Presupposition: Our Love of this World : We must choose to love the Lord or this world.

Kevin K. Baxter 12 Aug 2012

As natural beings, we rely on our senses. These senses; however, can distract us from understanding the true nature of life, a life in God. God cannot be proven by our senses, but if we shift our presupposition from sensual to looking to the Lord, we will see the Lord’s hand our lives. This podcast explores the story of Abraham and Sarah right before the birth of Isaac. (17:19 minutes)

Running for the Hills: The Last Judgement

Kevin K. Baxter17 Jun 2012

In our society we often hear about the last judgement or the end of times as being a time where divine punishment and reward is given. How can a God of love treat people in any way but loving? What if the last judgment is more about the judgement when we make the choices we are presented with. (20:34 minutes)

On Charity: The Core of Discipleship

Kevin K. Baxter10 Jun 2012

The single most important aspect of a Christian life is charity. The practice of love is what the Lord's life on earth is about. Hidden within Charity is faith, truth, and of course humility. The study of what it means to live a Christian life is a life long task and as the core of who we are changes, so too will our understanding of what it means to be charitable.

18:17 minutes

Nicodemus: Judgement vs. Living

Kevin K. Baxter03 Jun 2012

The world is often full of judgment. It is important to remember that we have the ability to judge and comment on others while we can lack the ability to see the hypocrisy in our own lives. This is the story of Nicodemus, which teaches us that knowing and especially judging others is not enough.

16:03 minutes

Pentecost: Now its time to work

Kevin K. Baxter27 May 2012

Pentecost is a Christian day of remembering the Lord's gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift is something each one of us has access to if we open our hearts to it. We must remember however, that the Holy Spirit is an unfolding that exists in a certain context. Before we can open our hearts to it, we need to take the steps that prepare us.

17:31 minutes

Ascension: Graduating into the Truly Spiritual Life

Kevin K. Baxter20 May 2012

The Ascension of the Lord marks a transition for the disciples, which could be understood as a graduation of sorts. This graduation leaves them in a liminal world as they prepare for the ministry that is ahead. For us; however, the story teaches about what challenges lay before us as we struggle with temptations.

19:33 minutes

Pruning Branches: Exploring A Metaphor of Transformation

Kevin K. Baxter06 Mar 2012

From time to time we read in scripture some harsh words about judgment, but in our lives we feel harsh feelings. These words in scripture are descriptive of our lives. We have branches that are diseased and we have parts of us that take our energy from what it is that would truly make us blossom. This sermon explores our need for pruning and what are the steps we can take to help the Lord prune the extraneous parts of our life.

18:12 minutes

Transformative Power of Love: The life changing message of the Book of Revelation

Catherine Lauber29 Apr 2012

Guest preacher Catherine Lauber delivers her message on the Book of Revelation and its transformative power at Swedenborg Chapel. Not only does she focus on the intense message of transformation, but she empowers the listener to take action to create room for it. In part this is with a life of usefulness, but she also offers a centering meditation that can be used as a person lives their daily lives.

19:28 minutes

Fishing From the Right Side: The difference between a novice and an artisan

Kevin K. Baxter22 Apr 2012

We often hear about living your love and finding yourself, but what it the truth is deeper than that? What if to find yourself you need to hand over your life into some commitment in order to work on your true sense of self? Obedience is an integral part of spiritual growth, listen to find out more.

17:40 minutes

Easter 2012: Realizing Christ: The goodness that seeks the truth.

Kevin K. Baxter08 Apr 2012

Why is Easter the highest Christian holiday? It does not talk about his teaching, nor is it a miracle that cures anyone else. In some ways, the resurrection of Christ seems to be less about God's love than much of his ministry, though it is the highest essential holiday. It is not a day of the message of Christ, but it is the day we realize the message of Christ.

12:16 minutes

Knowing Something Inside and Out: Not just the What, but also the why of life.

Kevin K. Baxter01 Apr 2012

2010 Sermon: Our lives are not based in what we think or what we do, but rather they are based in the question why. This exploration of the internal life asks a deeper question of values, and hopefully will inspire the listener to ask what is the purpose and the rules of life.

20:04 minutes

The Remnant: The Re-Building Blocks

Kevin K. Baxter25 Mar 2012

We often talk about the growth of our spiritual life in terms of a journey; however, this is not as apt a metaphor as the house of the Lord in scripture. It moves from being a tent, to a stone building, to a city where the Lord is the temple. A journey does not depict the elements of the destruction of our temples, which is an integral part of our spiritual life.

15:50 minutes

The Internal: The heart of the Spiritual life

Kevin K. Baxter18 Mar 2012

The spiritual life is a quest for a state of transcendence, but we often skip a crucial point of understanding. We do not create the state of transcendence, but rather it is a gift from God. What we need to do is prepare our life so that we are able to receive the gift.

14:47 minutes

Looking to Zion: Seeing the sights of faith

Kevin K. Baxter11 Mar 2012

Life is full of ups and downs, and even if we know the Love of the lord is present, we do not always feel it encompassing us. Lent is a season for examining these moments in our life. Looking to Zion is about reminding ourselves of the things we love and and inspire us.

17:44 minutes

The Lord At Your Head: The Lord is the map of true goodness.

Kevin K. Baxter04 Mar 2012

The people who are saved from devastation are those who look to the Lord and to a life of love. The Word is our spiritual map and compass if our heart desires the truly good life. By simply looking at our day dreams, we can take stock of our heart's desire.

16:15 minutes

Removing Idols: Removing Blocks to Spiritual Growth

Kevin K. Baxter27 Feb 2012

No matter how hard we try, we create idols that get in the way of our spiritual growth. This kind of idol is not a statue, but a rule, belief or understanding that does not have the Lord's love as its core. These create blocks for us and limit our ability to let the Lord into our lives.

19:15 minutes

Keeping Your Eyes of Elijah: Looking for love and truth around you.

Kevin K. Baxter19 Feb 2012

People are inherently designed for transformation; however, it does not happen without work. The story of the Elisha being handed the roll of prophet from Elijah holds a key to becoming truly human.

19:10 minutes

Creating Fertile Soil: Cultivating a receptive heart

Kevin K. Baxter29 Jan 2012

Emanuel Swedenborg uses a system of symbolic biblical interpretation known as "correspondences." More than just symbols, correspondences link the material things of this world with spiritual values and meaning. Learning this languages helps us better understand the true realities of life and faith. This is in part what the Lord teaches us in the parable of the seeds that fall on different surfaces.

18:35 minutes

Nineveh & Transformation: Humility and Discipleship

Kevin K. Baxter22 Jan 2012

Zeal and righteousness are two characteristics of discipleship that help us express our faith and share our message with other people; however, these two things could also be our greatest downfall. Selfishness takes root in these principles, and it might only be through humility that we can transcend the selfishness disguised as truth.

19:07 minutes

Nineveh & Transformation: Humility and Discipleship

Kevin K. Baxter22 Jan 2012

Zeal and righteousness are two characteristics of discipleship that help us express our faith and share our message with other people; however, these two things could also be our greatest downfall. Selfishness takes root in these principles, and it might only be through humility that we can transcend the selfishness disguised as truth.

19:07 minutes

The Foundation of Discipleship: The core of faith

Kevin K. Baxter15 Jan 2012

The question of discipleship is a core issue in Christianity, but what does it really mean? The call of Philip and Nathanael offer insight into this issue. Discipleship is not as much a destination as a starting point, what is your starting point?

18:29 minutes

On Honey: Seeking joy in reading the Word.

Kevin K. Baxter08 Jan 2012

Reading the Bible is an essential part of the Christian life, but all too often, this breaks down to an arduous reading routine. But, reading the Word should be an activity full of enlightenment and joy. This sermon is about the joy that can be found in deep reading, and how that can even change the way you perceive the world.

17:20 minutes

Wilderness Expectation: Who came to see John the Baptist?

Kevin K. Baxter01 Jan 2012

Throughout scripture, we often hear about journeys through the wilderness. These periods are not just about people walking through rough lands, but they are about the struggle and temptation we deal with in our lives. The wilderness that John the Baptist preached in holds specific keys to our spiritual growth and transformation.

17:57 minutes

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